Meet the Keynote Speakers

Amy Hinote, Founder, VRM Intel

Course Title: 2022 Data and Revenue Optimization in the Vacation Rental Industry

Over the last year, the vacation rental industry has seen a significant shift in demand and consumer behavior. In the past, revenue management strategies were largely about discounting, but that is no longer the case. In this new business environment, vacation rental managers are leveraging multiple data sources and shifting teams around to optimize revenue for both homeowners and the company. Let's discuss how enterprise-level managers are using data, where they are getting it, and how they are combining sales, marketing, and revenue management to dramatically increase profitability.


Matt Landau, Founder of & Unlocked Podcast

Course Title: The Industry Called Home

For so many of our NWVRP members, vacation rentals are a calling: passionate, purpose-driven careers that positively impact peoples' lives and the wellbeing of their surrounding communities. But with the sector's rise in popularity comes concern: when the requirements of the job become so steep they seem insurmountable, how do the world's greatest vacation rental pioneers continue doing what they love? Industry steward Matt Landau has spent the last 5 years on the road exploring this question. And in this, his first presentation of the findings, Landau will lay out the measures any attendee can take -- in even the most crowded and fast-moving markets -- to continue doing business on their terms, profitably, and sustainably for years to come.